Saturday, July 30, 2005

Jack a Car

1. Get up at 6am - 8am
2. Go for a walk in a neighborhood
3. Soon you will come across a car "warming up" (the owner is inside getting ready to leave)
4. Open door of vehicle and take off.

Free Change

1. Find Soda Machine (preferabily in non-obvious area)
2. Bring Tissues
3. Stuff Tissues up change slot of Soda Machine
4. Come back a week later with lighter
5. Burn Tissues
6. Tons of change from the week falls down
7. on all sort of auto change machines

Free Food

  1. Wait till it's Late at Night
  2. Go to Gas Station
  3. Clog Toilet
  4. Tell only employee on duty about the toilet problem
  5. While employee is fixing it jack stuff
  6. Take Off